Current Annual Household Income Limits 

(includes all adult members of household, effective Jan 2013)


Listed below are the income limits* for buying a new home or for participation in our home repair/weatherization program:


Household of 1: $25,050

Household of 2: $28,600

Household of 3: $32,200

Household of 4: $35,750

Household of 5: $38,650

Household of 6: $41,500

Household of 7: $44,350

Household of 8: $47,200


* NOTE:  If you exceed these income limits you may still qualify for home construction, repair, or weatherization with us.  Please contact us for details.


PSHH provides equal housing and lending opportunities to all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, familial status or handicap status.